Our Mission
The Breakthrough Circuit is an equal level basketball tournament series uniquely committed to serving local club teams most aligned with their skill level. We strive to deliver an elite experience to overlooked and underserved teams through our facilities, fair play, competitive scheduling, and first class experience.

About Us
Breakthrough Circuit is the latest branch of Open Gym Premier tournaments. This tournament series features only Silver, Bronze, & Copper level teams, any elite level teams will not be allowed to participate. All Breakthrough Circuit Tournaments are fully in conjunction with The Passport. The Passport transforms the youth basketball experience by providing our users with a digital platform to track and manage their entire journey in youth sports.

Passport Player Features:

  • Age/Grade Verification: Ensure fair play by verifying the age and grade of each player
  • Player Profiles: Unique profiles for every player who participates in Passport supported events
  • Achievement Badges: Unlock exclusive badges as a recognition of high-level play
  • Awards: Display All-Tournament team and MVP awards on your profile
  • Stat Leaderboard: Aggregated Stat leaderboards from every Passport supported event
  • Photo/Video Sharing: Upload and share photos and videos directly to your profile